Calgary Excavating & Bobcat Services

Window Wells


When undergoing basement renovations, many old windows need to be updated and upgraded. We can excavate and core a larger window opening to install new windows and window wells.

Proper drainage is also important, and there are two ways this can be achieved:

  • The area is excavated down to the weeping tile so that additional weeping tiles can be brought up to the base of the window sill. Then, proper drainage rocks are added below the window area to prevent the window well area from filling up with water.
  • If there is no weeping tile around the house (as is the case with many older homes built before 1975), then a sufficient base of drainage rock added at the window area will suffice.



We can raise, lower or modify the curvature of the landscape on your property to improve water drainage and water control coming from downspouts or neighboring yards.

Proper slope of the ground from your house to the property line is important for water drainage control. Often the ground around a house settles over the years and causes the ground to slope towards the house instead. This keeps water against the foundation. If this is the case at your home, you should have it checked out and fixed before any damage occurs from water making its way into your basement.




Backfill is a combination of soil and stones that replaces the soil that was removed during excavation or other early stages of construction. We provide quality backfilling services that ensure your backfill won’t settle over time, and won’t apply too much pressure to any existing or new basement walls.

Post Holes


We can auger a wide range of different size holes for fences, piles or retaining walls.

Normal size for 4×4 fence posts is a 9″ wide and 36″ deep hole. Normal size for 6×6 posts is a 12″ hole that goes 42″ deep. Any hole that is less than 16″ from a wall or building can not be drilled using the heavy equipment and should be dug out by hand to avoid any damage.

Concrete Breaking

We can break up concrete or other hard materials for you. We recycle bricks, patio blocks, sidewalk blocks and any broken up concrete that you need removed from your property. We’ll haul it to a recycling center where it will be crushed and then can be re-used.



At Maxx Construction, we can help you dig a trench only, or we can continue to help by installing your pipes and re-filling the trench for you.


Dirt Removal

Many jobs require only a small to moderate amount of dirt to be removed from the jobsite. We provide a dump trailer that is machine loaded in, so there is only one driver and one operator! Never again will you have to pay for two trucks and trailers to do the work our one trailer can do.


We don’t leave you with a mess. If you have lots of debris, dirt, shrubs, bricks, or sidewalk blocks that can’t be put in a garbage bag and set on the curb, we’ll load it with our own equipment and haul it away!


Small Haul

Whether you need gravel, rock, dirt or other special materials hauled in or out, we can move it. Our truck and dump trailer can handle just about any job!


Mini Excavator

Our mini excavators can help you get projects done faster than ever. With a mini excavator, we can start full landscape installations, dig deep holes and large areas to make space for a pool, septic system or underground utilities, and help with many other excavating applications.


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