The perfect machine for the job.

Bobcats or skidsteers come in many sizes and we at Maxx Construction have found that most jobs on existing residential properties do not have enough room for a full size bobcat to move around safely or productively. Therefore we have as one of our pieces of equipment a 4ft (48”) wide model with tracks not wheels for the least amount of ground disturbance as possible. Sometimes the customer shows up at the end of the day and didn’t know that we had a bobcat on site to do the work.

 When needed or requested we do protect the sensitive areas using materials such as plywood to drive on.


Tasks we can do

  • move dirt

  • grading

  • digging

  • removing material

  • sod removal

  • post holes

  • concrete prep

  • backfilling

  • loading material



Attachments Auger Concrete Breaker Tooth bucket Smooth bucket

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