Post holes or Deck Pillings. 

Augered posts holes is performed by our auger attachment that is connected to our bobcat. We can auger different size holes using the auger bits that are on hand or by renting the specific size you request. the most common sizes are 9” bit (for 4”x4” & 4”x6” posts) and 12” bit (for 6”x6” posts. the depth that our machine is limited to is 4.4ft using the smaller bits and 5.5ft using the larger bits. Certain soil conditions may not allow for holes to be drilled due to the size of the rocks that are in the ground so other means may be more efficient at achieving the hole.



Because the auger is attached to the bobcat suitable access would be required as the machine is 48” wide (gate or fence access) and sufficient room to maneuver around or positioning over top of the hole. Also we can not auger up against any type of structure due to possible damage occurring therefore those holes would have to be dug by hand (additional costs may apply).


Travel fees
$250 minimum service charge. Includes the first 15 holes, $10/holes after that.

Reduced rates
Ideal soil conditions or large quantity of holes may allow for a discounted price. Call for estimates.